Machine Learning Preview

La versión 5.4 de Elastic incluye un nuevo módulo para detección de anomalias. En este video pueden ver un preview de las funcionalidades de dicho módulo y sus capacidades.

Elastic Meetup in Barcelona

This week I am in Barcelona with some meetings, trainings and other fun activities with the Elastic crew. Yes, eating amazing ham is one of them :) Since I wanted to get 110% of my stay here, we also arranged a meetup at Wallapop offices to meet the local community and talk about what’s going in the Elastic ecosystem and present all the amazing goodness we announced in our last Elastic{ON}.

How Elastic Helps Shopback Offer the Best Deals

Shopback is revolutionizing online shopping in Asia by giving you cash to shop. They partner with more than 1300 merchants across six different countries and their growth in the last months has been explosive. For the entire user experience and analytics, they heavily rely on the Elastic stack using the open source components plus the commercial extensions known as X-Pack. In this article you can find more details of their technology path, from the inception until its current state nowadays.

Adopting a Real Time Stack

In December 2016 we had an Elastic booth at Strata Hadoop Singapore. It was a 2-days event with great discussions with users and customers. Check the video for more impressions around this event.

Using MongoDB with Docker and Automation

Lately I have been playing a lot with Docker. I love the whole idea of containers, how you can easily deploy processes in an isolated environment with low resource overhead. In addition, I think another big win introduced by Docker is the image concept: a hermetically sealed portable file that contains all that you need to run your process or application: binaries, dependencies and configuration. Just beautiful! Working at MongoDB means I need to run several mongod processes every day: to test a specific feature, to demo something, configuration example, etc.

NoSQL Night in Malaysia

Last Thursday I went to Kuala Lumpur invited by Mark Smalley to present at NoSQL Night event. It was a clear success with more than 150 attendees at the trendy Mindvalley offices with good pizzas and awesome tech people. There was a common message across the four different sessions: there is no database perfect for all the possible scenarios. If you expect to have a single technology to solve all your problems then you are probably starting with the wrong foot.