Using MongoDB with Docker and Automation

Lately I have been playing a lot with Docker. I love the whole idea of containers, how you can easily deploy processes in an isolated environment with low resource overhead. In addition, I think another big win introduced by Docker is the image concept: a hermetically sealed portable file that contains all that you need to run your process or application: binaries, dependencies and configuration. Just beautiful! Working at MongoDB means I need to run several mongod processes every day: to test a specific feature, to demo something, configuration example, etc.

NoSQL Night in Malaysia

Last Thursday I went to Kuala Lumpur invited by Mark Smalley to present at NoSQL Night event. It was a clear success with more than 150 attendees at the trendy Mindvalley offices with good pizzas and awesome tech people. There was a common message across the four different sessions: there is no database perfect for all the possible scenarios. If you expect to have a single technology to solve all your problems then you are probably starting with the wrong foot.